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For Sales & Service, Call (919) 776-7737

Intelligent SJ Series NTEP Dispensary Scale

Intelligent SJ-620 Series NTEP legal for trade weighing balance featuring Vibra?Tuning Fork Inside. Below Balance Weighing, Reads in g, ct, oz, lb, oz t, GN, Counting, Checkweighing, RS232 Interface via DIN5 Connector, Optional Rechargeable Battery, Pan Size: 5.5″ Diameter. 620 x 0.01g


Call: (919) 776-7737

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The Intelligent SJ-620 with Vibra tuning fork technology is an ideal dispensary balance with 620 gram capacity and NTEP class I 0.01 gram readability. NTEP C.o.C. #05-063A1 legal for trade. Great choice for medical marijuana and cannabis dispensary business.  


• Vibra® Tuning Fork Inside
• Below Balance Weighing
• Reads in g, ct, oz, lb, oz t, GN
• Counting, Checkweighing
• RS232 Interface via DIN5 Connector
• Optional Rechargeable Battery
• Pan Size: 5.5" Diameter
• Made in Japan



Model            Part Number       Capacity         Readability
SJ-420-NT     2-SJ2-N420-022       420 g          0.01 g (NTEP Class II 0.01 g) [limited supply]
SJ-620-NT     2-SJ2-N620-022       620 g          0.01 g (NTEP Class I 0.01g)



SDI Remote Display, Printer, Rechargeable Battery (Must be fitted prior to purchase), Carrying Case