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Wrestling Scales - Portable

Wrestling Scales - Portable

Most wrestling coaches or athletic directors look for a portable wrestling scale when they are looking to purchase a new scale for their student athletes. Most portable scales are designed with lighter weight components which makes them ideal for taking from the gym to the tournament. Carry Cases are also available (and recommended). Battery power is usually standard and certainly a suggested feature that you will need. Please contact us today for recommendations and reviews to make sure you order the right item for your weighing application. This type of scale can be taken anywhere and precisely weigh anything typically from 0 to 500 lbs. to within ?0.1 lb. Convenient, repeatable, accurate, and rugged is what a portable scale should be. These are ideal for team sports, home health care, athletic training, and weight management.
  • PB-Series.jpg
    CAS PB Series Portable Bench ScaleThree capacities available from 150 to 500 lbs, the PB Series Portable Bench Scale from CAS Corporation is easy to carry with a detachable LCD Display. Print receipts with the optional DEP Receipt Printer. Use in hospitals, farmer's markets, health clubs, & many more applications. NTEP Legal for Trade
  • uwe-apm-ntep-legal-for-trade-bench-scale.jpg
    UWE APM NTEP Legal for Trade Bench ScaleUWE APM Bench Scales are portable, economical, NTEP legal for trade & Measurement Canada Approved. Several options available including Pillar Kit. Has large backlit LCD display, built-in rechargeable battery & external power adapter Options for display: platform, pillar or wall mounted (3 ft of cable supplied)
  • befour-ps6600-st-wrestling-scale.jpg
    Befour PS-6600 ST Portable ScaleThe nation抯 top-selling sports scale. The Befour "Take-A-Weigh" is renowned in sports that require precise weight measurements on the go. Also great for home use, athletic training, and weight management. This scale can be taken anywhere and precisely weigh anything from 0 to 500 lbs. to within ?0.1 lb.
  • rice-lake-digital-doctor-scale-150-10-7
    Rice Lake Portable Fitness Scale THE 150-10-7 Portable Fitness Scale provides the outstanding accuracy when weight is a critical factor. In wrestling programs, weight-loss centers and even health clubs, weight can determine membership fees or classification levels, therefore weight accuracy is very important.
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